Best Wireless Routers for OpenWrt and dd-wrt

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The chart above indicates the best wireless routers which are compatible with the alternative firmwares OpenWrt (and by extension Gargoyle), and dd-wrt.

Performance calculated is a relative value which takes into consideration factors such as cpu speed, the amount of ram and flash available, and the router’s generation (newer routers are assumed to perform better than older ones, all other things being equal). It does not take into direct consideration the networking speed attainable using the factory firmware or other such factors pertaining to the factory (stock) firmware. This is both because that information is readily available elsewhere, and also because users of third party firmwares such as OpenWrt and dd-wrt are assumed to be more generally interested in the performance as we have outlined it above, because factors such as these (cpu speed, ram, flash etc) tend to make the routers’ firmware installations that much more powerfull and flexible.

The Value component is simply the above calculated “performance” divided by the current “price,” or if the current price is not available because amazon deems it is “too low to display,” the lowest price they have deemed high enough to show. Be aware that this method is not always foolproof, and checking the actual price is recommended to be sure. You can check the current price on by clicking on the router on question’s bar in the chart.

One nice thing about the Buffalo routers is that many of them ship with (a custom vesion of) dd-wrt already installed. Needless to say this can greatly simplify matters if you intend to use dd-wrt anyway, and can also make installing other firmwares more user friendly.

Please also note that some routers, mostly ones that have maintained the same model number for more than one generation, may not link through to the exact hardware version number on amazon’s website and due to this, verifying hardware version information is recommended.