Affiliate links are a type of internet link that allows one site to recognise and reward internet visits sent to them from another site when those visits have resulted in a purchase being made at the first site. For example a website that sells widgets might have a program that pays the blog author on a different site a percentage of the sales from sales generating traffic that has originated from the blog site to the widget site via affiliate links.

Now, affiliate links can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, much of the great information that is freely available to us all on the internet might simply not be possible without some path for compensation to its creators, because many of these creators would not otherwise be able to accuire the time to produce these works. Building and maintaining an informative site takes time and hard work, and although they might like to give away their time and energy for free, many sites may not be in the financial position to do so. For these people, the ability to put some sort of advertising on the page can mean the difference between making ends meet and keeping the site up, and not. On the other hand, if someone is being compensated for their opinions it is only natural to view those opinions with some skepticism because we can not always be sure which comes first for these folks, the compensation or the opinion. If the compensation comes first for example, then the information can lose much (or all) of its meaning and value because the tendency can be for them to link only to the most highly compensating products, which are not always the same as the best performing ones. It is in fact partially this very issue that makes finding the best information so time consuming and difficult on the internet, a fact which we at Rooftop Bazaar are very much too aware.

It is our opinion that the best information and opinions are those which are backed up by excellent data. Our policy on this site is to produce transparent results. We endevour to make it easy for you to follow the methodology and reasoning which lead us to the conclusions that we reach, and our results should be easy for you to duplicate with your own research. All data presented here are the best we could find at the time of writing, our opinions are based on that data, and only that data. It is only once this data is collected and analysed, once our opinion on the matter has been formed, that the possibilty of affiliate compensation is ever considered. If at this point a well performing product is determined to also have a relevant affiliate program an inquiry may be made in that regard to the company concerned.

Rooftop Bazaar does not promote anything on this site that they do not believe to be the most deserving recipient of that promotion. By using any link on this site – affiliate or not – you will get a better deal by purchasing a corresponding product through that link than you would by going directly through the linked company’s site, or you will at least get the same deal – you should never pay more. If we determine that an affiliate link would result in a poorer result for you than you would otherwise receive by using an non-affiliate link then we will endevour not to use that product affiliate link and to use the simple link instead. Our site’s content will otherwise however remain unchanged; the lack of a good affiliate program will not affect our backing of that product or company or change the result of our reviews.

If you have any questions regarding this or any other matter involving Rooftop Bazaar please do not hesitate to contact us.

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